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Thursday 18th March
1800hrs 2030hrs Pre-Forum Dinner and Drinks at the Hotel Kununurra
Day 1: Friday 19th March
Tea/coffee & finger food available 7.30
Opening & Introduction
Chairperson : Dr. Stacey Porter
0800 0815   Mirriuwong Language Group Welcome to Country from Indigenous Elders
0815 0825 To be advised   Opening address to the East Kimberley Cane Toad Forum
1825 1835 John Woinarski Biodiversity North Video Presentation: Introduction to biodiversity in the North
0835 0845 Stacey Porter Curtin University Background to and Aims of the Forum
Theme: Fire Management & Impact
Chairperson : Dr. Stacey Porter
0845 0945 Jeremy Russell-Smith North Australian Indigenous Land & Sea Management Alliance (NAILSMA) Tropical Savannas Cooperative Research Centre (TSCRC) Bushfires NT Challenges for developing sustainable fire management for fire-prone northern Australia
0945 1000 Morning Tea    
Theme: Biodiversity Impact
Chairperson: Professor Tony Peacock
1000 1025 Lyall Grieves Macquarie University The impact of the cane toad on the small reptile fauna of the Kimberley region
1025 1050 Jonno Webb Team Bufo, University of Sydney Predicted impacts of cane toads on mammals of the Kimberley and a new method for mitigating toad impacts
1050 1115 Sean Doody Monash University The terrible truth about toads: Impacts of cane toads on native predators and implications for extinction, recovery and control
1115 1140 David Rhind Department of the Environment, Water Heritage and the Arts Observations of native fauna and Cane Toad interactions in the Daly river basin
1140 1210 Lunch    
Theme: Cane Toad Control: Biological & other Research

Chairperson: Dr Stacey Porter

1210 1235 Rick Shine Team Bufo, University of Sydney Predicted impacts of cane toads on mammals of the Kimberley and a new method for mitigating impacts
1235 1300 Jordy Groffen Wageningen University, The Netherlands The movement of the lungworm parasite in the cane toad frontline
1300 1325 Jemma Berry University of Western Australia The Cane Toad GENOME Program
1325 1350 Michael Tyler University of Adelaide Pheromones for Cane Toad Contro
1350 1405 Afternoon Tea

Video Presentation Geoff Dandie ANZCCART

Theme: Cane Toad Funding & Research
Chairperson: Honourable Barry Haase
1405 1415 Barry Haase Federal Member for Kalgoolie 10 minute address
1415 1445 David Peacock NRM Biosecurity Unit, Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation SA. Future funding directions in cane toad research & control
1445 1515 Tony Peacock Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre Targeting the biggest threat from toads
1515 1530

Quick ‘cuppa’

Theme: Empowering Community
Chairperson: Paul Royce
1530 1550 Ruth Duncan Kimberley Toad Busters A place in science for community biodiversity survey
1550 1610 Ben Phillips Australian Wildlife Conservancy Modelling the spread of toads into Western Australia
1610 1630

Stacey Porter

Curtin University Evaluation of KTB Field Data
Chairperson: Dr. Stacey Porter
1630 1730 Panel of Speakers Panel:   Summing up of the days papers and where to go to from here.
BBQ Dinner at KTB Headquarters Transport available for guests. All Welcome!
Day 2: Saturday 20th March

Tea/coffee & finger food available 8.00

0830 0840 Stacey Porter Curtin University Welcome and overview of day
Theme: Biodiversity Impacts: Cane, Toads Fire & other Factors
Chairperson: Dr. Stacey Porter
0840 0900 Michael Lentic School of Biological Sciences, University of Sydney Are artificial waters helping toads to invade the arid zone and can we do anything to stop them?
0900 0920 Ruchira Somaweera Team Bufo, University of Sydney Cane toads and freshwater crocodiles in Lake Argyle
0920 0930 Sam Price-Rees Team Bufo, University of Sydney The impact of cane toads on Bluetongue Lizards
0930 0955 Erin Brittan & Anna Belford Big Gecko Results of the Pygmy Crocodile Research Program
0955 1015

Corrin Everitt

Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) Biodiversity in the East Kimberley – monitoring our fauna
1015 1030

Morning Tea

Special Theme: Frogs in Northern Australia
1030 1040 Matt Greenlees Team Bufo, University of Sydney The impact of cane toads on native frogs
1040 1100 Michael Tyler University of Adelaide The high biodiversity of Kimberley Frogs
Theme: Empowering Community
Chairperson: Ruth Duncan
1100 1125 Rebecca Dobbs University of WA Department of Water Strengthening scientific research through on-ground community involvement
1125 1150 Paul Royce Charles Darwin University Fostering community engagement principles to bring about change in local biosecurity practice
1150 1215 Paul Mock
The Sandalwood Sanctuary To be advised!
1215 1245 Lunch    
Theme: Fire Impact and Management
Chairperson: Dr. Stacey Porter
1245 1310 Ian Radford Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) Impact of Fire on Kimberley Biodiversity
1310 1335 Lee Scott-Virtue & Ju Ju Wilson Kimberley Specialists in Research Impact of fire on Rock Art
1335 1400 Ben Phillips Australian Wildlife Conservancy EcoFire: Burning for Biodiversity
1400 1415 Tea Break    
1415 1445 Video and Poster Presentations Bushfires NT, Waddeken Land Management Kimberley Land Council Our Future: How Do we Burn Sustainably?
How do plants and animals respond in different ways to fire?
North Kimberley Carbon Abatement Project
Theme: Indigenous Culture
Chairperson: Bonnie Edwards and Mary Anne Winton
1445 1515 Mary Anne Winton
Ju Ju Wilson
Darlu Darlu Mirriuwong Indigenous Toadbusting
1515 1545 Elder Thomas Dick & Gooniyardi Rangers Bayulu Community near Fitzroy Crossing Looking after land, culture and people: The Gooniyandi Rangers
1545 1600 Afternoon Tea    
1600 1630 Elder Bonnie Edwards and group Jaru Language Group How the Karjaganujaru manage their lands.
1630 1645 Montana Arwon and friends Kimberley Toad Busters What is it like to be a KTB junior toad buster
Chairperson: Dr. Stacey Porter
1645 1745 Panel of Speakers Panel Summing up of the days papers and where to go to from here  
1830 2000 Diversion Gallery for drinks & nibbles
Dinner at The Pumphouse , transport provided  
Day 3: Sunday 21st March "Community Day"
Tea/coffee & finger food available 8.30
0900 0915 Welcome Stacey Porter Curtin University
Theme: Empowering Community & community making a difference!
Chairperson: Dr. Stacey Porter
0915 0945 Alan McKenzie & Tony Horne   Winners to be announced for the various competitions
0945 1015 Jeff Hayley Triple J Tourism and Fire
1015 1040

Ruth Duncan

Kimberley Toad Busters KTB community biodiversity survey program “What’s in Your Backyard”?
1040 1100 Morning tea    
1100 1130 Sarah Brett Kimberley Wildlife Rescue Why we need to care for our Kimberley Wildlife
1130 1200 Desanka Mijovic Kimberley Wildlife Rescue Becoming a wildlife carer
1200 1230 Bob Cooper Survival Expert Caring for reptiles as pets
1230 1330 Lunch Bill Stewart and Corrin Everitt Hands on Reptile display with Kimberley Reptiles
Theme: Community Cane Toad Information and Control
Chairperson: To be advised
1330 1345 Dave Woods Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) Cane toad identification and handling
1345 1400 Ben Scott-Virtue Kimberley Toad Busters Toad Busting, Control methods and How to become a Kimberley Toad Buster
1400 1415 John Cugley Kimberley Toad Busters Future challenges faced by KTBs
1415 1430 Michael Tyler
University of Adelaide Methods of euthanasia for Cane Toads
1430 1445 Joanna Mansson Kimberley Vet Centre How cane toads can affect your pet and what to do about it
1445 1500 Afternoon Tea    
1500 1520 Graeme Sawyer FrogWatch NT Managing Cane Toads in the Wet Dry Tropics: Abstract summary of FrogWatch research and field trials 2006-2010
1520 1540 Kim Hands STTF
Effectiveness of community involvement in cane toad control
1540 1550 Sarah Brett Kimberley Wildlife Rescue Winner of the Jungle Trail and Argyle Diamond from Kimberley Fine Diamonds
1550 1600 Stacey Porter Curtin University Close of Forum
1700 2000 Evening dinner cruise with Kununurra Cruises